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WebsiteTech24 07-21-2012 08:46 AM

تحديث خطط الاستضافة لويب سايتتيك24.كوم مست

We are pleased to announce new host plans! We have made investments over the last year after transferring our clients from servers to new servers and today July 21, 2012 we upgrading our Host plans infrastructure, retrofitting existing servers, and introducing new servers to support these increased allocations. Our goal is ensuring you are getting the best value for your money.
Here is how the plans are changing:

- Standard-I is now being "Leveled Up" from (Disk Space: 200MB) to the (Disk Space: 500MB) which comes with Bandwidth: 5GB, Domain name: 1, MySQL: 1 and more.
- Standard-II is now being "Leveled Up" from (Disk Space: 500MB) to the (Disk Space: 1GB) which comes with Bandwidth: 7GB, Domain name: 1, MySQL: 3 and more.
- Standard-III is now being "Leveled Up" from (Disk Space: 1GB) to the (Disk Space: 2GB) which comes with Bandwidth: 10GB, Domain name: 1, MySQL: 5 and more.
- Pro-I is now being "Leveled Up" from (Disk Space: 2GB) to the (Disk Space: 5GB) which comes with Bandwidth: 30GB, Domain name: 2, MySQL: 10 and more.
- Pro-II is now being "Leveled Up" from (Disk Space: 5GB) to the (Disk Space: 10GB) which comes with Bandwidth: 60GB, Domain name: 2, MySQL: unlimited and more.
- Pro-III is now being "Leveled Up" from (Disk Space: 10GB) to the (Disk Space: 15GB) which comes with Bandwidth: 100GB, Domain name:2, MySQL: unlimited and more.

All of these upgrades are free of charge to existing clients!
Please note that since the plans have changed, if you have used a special plans which has increased your resources, these will not be carried over. However, there will be no changes in price to any of the plans!
We will be performing these upgrades for all existing clients over the next few days. The slow rollout is to ensure there are no issues and everything goes smoothly.
You will receive a personalized email when your server has been upgraded letting you know your new resources. There will not be any downtime required to perform the upgrade! The email will be going to the primary contact on the account.
Your Host plan is already in the queue to be updated, you don't need to do anything except wait for the email!
Thank you for your business and for choosing WebsiteTech24! Management

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